Multi-Purpose Room

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The Multi-Purpose Room (Lu Zil Män*) is a scaled-down version of the Longhouse, sharing the same high ceilings, and cedar-clad look.

The size of this room provides desirable flexibility for event organizers. It can provide a more intimate space for gatherings that might be too small for the Longhouse. The room can also be used in tandem with the Longhouse, providing a secondary meeting or display space for large conferences.

This spacious room is off of the Cultural Centre’s main corridor, which houses a permanent collection of Kwanlin Dün historic and heritage artifacts.

The room has glass doors to the outside, which provide both a view and easy access to the landscaped grounds bordering the Yukon River.

Dimensions and capacity:

~ 14 x 15 meters / 47 x 49 feet
~ 212 sq. meters / 2280 sq. ft.
~ Capable of hosting up to 160 delegates with theatre style seating, and sit down dinner events for up to 100 people.

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Lu * Zil Män (clue-t’sill-man) Southern Tutchone: This room refers to the spawning whitefish of Fish Lake. Fish Lake, is an important historical feature for the people of Kwanlin Dün. It was a place of traditional seasonal fishing, hunting, and was a gathering place for people from all over the Yukon and Alaska. On-going archaeological investigations are revealing that Lu Zil Män has been used for over 5,000 years.