Take a break from your world… and experience ours!

The traditional home of the Kwanlin Dün First Nation is yours to discover just outside the Cultural Centre’s doors.

For millenia, our people fished and traveled along the Yukon River, which runs right past the Centre. A few kilometres upstream is Miles Canyon, as it is known today. However, Southern Tutchone people called this place Kwanlin, meaning “running water through canyon” (thus the name of our First Nation).

In the summers, our forested lands and wide valleys are lit up day and night by the midnight sun. In the winters, the bright snow, stars, and dancing aurora borealis offer different lights by which to enjoy the outdoors.

Our Traditional Territory is strewn with small lakes and bluffs to explore. And, of course, we have all of the modern amenities of the City of Whitehorse, capital of the Yukon.

Whitehorse is a place for history buffs, outdoor enthusiasts, consumers of arts and culture, and more. The list of things to do while you are here is long and variable. We look forward to being the cornerstone of your experience of our traditional lands.