Experience our Culture

Our vision is to revive, preserve, and demonstrate our language, practices, values and traditional way of life for the benefit of our people. We also want to share our culture with other First Nations and people from around the world.

Kwanlin Dün values, languages and traditions are deeply rooted in our community and in our lands. We camp, hunt, fish, and gather berries and medicines within our traditional territory as we have for thousands of years.

We house and curate exhibits to promote understanding and appreciation of what it means to be a member of Kwanlin Dün and a member of a Yukon First Nation.

Our large corridor is lined with interpretive displays that tell the story of our people, from at least 8,000 years ago to present day. Our classrooms and artist studio will be busy with language instruction and other cultural activities that promote a sense of community, spiritual and personal well-being.

The events held at the Centre are unique due to the setting and historical displays that surrounds the delegates and event attendees. Our venue provides a culturally relevant space in Whitehorse Yukon that is to be shared with cultures and people from around the world.

We hold activities that welcome visitors and promote awareness of our culture through the sharing of our stories, art, music and traditional food. We also celebrate and showcase First Nation artistic talent through the Adäka Cultural Festival and National Aboriginal Day annually.

Be sure to come and experience our new cultural home on the riverfront!